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Travel tips: plan your perfect mountain getaway

Planning a trip can be stressful. When I travel, I find myself wanting to squeeze in as much as possible. There’s just so much exploring to do…and I want to do it all! Let’s be realistic, that’s not always possible. So how do you make the most out of the time that you have, come prepared, and truly enjoy the moment? Well we’ve searched the internet far and wide, consulted with our friends and family, and asked our staff about their favorite travel tips and advice. The end result? A blog post filled with practical, tried-and-true travel tips.

Read on for travel tips that will help you plan your perfect mountain getaway. Or should we say perfectly un-perfect mountain getaway? We’ll let you decide. Regardless, these tips are sure to leave you feeling prepared for any trip, and will help you make the most out of the time that you do have.

Be flexible.

Planning out an entire travel schedule is great. You’ve done your research. You’re not checking into your hotel wasting precious time frantically researching what to do and where to go. However, we think it’s important to strike a balance between over-planning and under-planning. Countless travel blogs recommend this, and there’s a reason why. If you’re too rigid in your planning, you may miss out on unique opportunities.

Don’t be afraid to use a map.

You read that right. Yes, a map. An old school paper map. You may be surprised to find that many travel destinations have locals who are really vested in what their town has to offer, and often create special maps and guides for travelers. If you’re staying with us at The Horton Hotel, we have a unique array of beautiful maps designed to orient you to all that Boone, NC and surrounding areas have to offer. Ask a front desk associate to see if your hotel offers maps. Which brings us to…

Talk to the locals.

At the Horton, our front desk associates double as concierges. They can orient you to all that our small mountain town has to offer. We appreciate the unique perspectives of all of our staff members. When you’re traveling, I encourage you to talk to any employees that you may encounter. Whether they work at a restaurant, your hotel, or an area attraction, strike up a conversation. They’ve likely got their own unique insights about their town.

Don’t forget…

…to bring an extra bank and credit card with you. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve had guests of our hotel lose a credit card. Many times it turns up somewhere, but it saves a lot of stress and hassle to travel with an extra. Make sure you’re not carrying an excessive amount of cash, too. Depending on where you’re traveling, try not to carry more than $50-$100 dollars in cash at a time.

Packing is important, too.

Simply put, pack smart. We’re big advocates of packing light. Instead of packing entire outfits, pack clothing that you can mix and match. If you’re traveling to the mountains, make sure to pack layers. The weather is known to change by the minute up here, so come prepared. If you’re planning on hiking, make sure to carry extra layers with you. And of course, don’t forget to pack extra socks. Mast General Store carries my favorite sock brand for hiking: Darn Tough. If you’re staying with us, walk across the street and check out their offerings!

Travel in your own backyard.

Don’t have the money or time to take a major trip? Consider staying close to home, especially if you already live in a tourist town. You’d be surprised by all of the exploring that you can do right in your own backyard.

Safe travels!

The most important thing about travel is making memories. And we’re big advocates of acquiring memories instead of possessions. So travel safe, travel near, or travel far…but most importantly, travel on. Maybe we’ll even see you soon. Hopefully you’ll be enjoying a perfectly un-perfect mountain getaway. ?


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Author: Megan Biddix

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