Pet Travel during COVID-19

Many have been cooped up at home with their pets more than ever during these times of quarantine and social distancing. Pups and people alike are longing for a little change of scenery. Therefore, pup owners are on the search for safe and friendly accommodations. COVID-19 affects pet-friendly travel arrangements in many ways. Most of the affects are actually positive! As travel mandates are being lifted and businesses are starting to reopen, travelers are packing their bags and puppy beds and taking to the road. Airlines still have a lot of restrictions surrounding pet travel, so road trips are a good fit for most. Many are wondering how safe hotels are during this time. While the hospitality industry is working harder than ever to bring even their furry guests the cleanest and safest offerings. Pet-friendly hotels and vacation rentals around the world are easing their customers’ uncertainties by creating new procedures and guarantees for cleanliness as they embark on reopening.

The Horton Hotel Clean+ Promise makes for easy pet travel

From large corporately run hotels to small individually-owned boutique hotels, like The Horton Hotel, many hours are being spent to formulate new cleaning protocols and standards. The properties that are implementing additions to their daily cleaning routines will survive and succeed during COVID-19. Pet parents are appreciative of the extra attention to detail right now. Giving guests the peace of mind they so badly want these days will pay off, even if it means more expense for the property. Fido will be pleased to find that The Horton Hotel Clean+ Promise ensures that he and his parents can relax during their stay. They can find convenient hand sanitizing stations all throughout the property. The floors are all cleaned with hospital-grade disinfectants, and the hotel staff are demonstrating safe practices with each and every interaction. PLUS delicious doggy treats are awaiting every pup arrival…which is the most important thing to Fido.

The New Normal for Pup Travelers

Over the course of stay-at-home orders dogs have gotten used to having their parents at home day in and day out. And truth be told they’ve loved every wagging moment of it! Now, with people going back to work, some pups are suffering from separation anxiety that may of not existed before the pandemic. It can be emotionally tough on both the pup and the human because lets face it, there is nothing better than spending every waking hour with you favorite lovable canine family member. The new normal for pup travel during COVID-19 turns out to be a positive thing. As we get back into our routines, making the time to treat your pooch to a special getaway will prove to be rewarding.

Now is the time to pack your pup up because traveling during COVID-19 actually means your baby will love their vacation even more! Increased number of hand washing stations for after potty-walks, less crowded spaces, and more social-distancing all make for a more enjoyable pet travel. Your fur-baby will remain calmer with less stranger interaction and more focus on their parent’s lead. Outdoor activities are now the safest option for people to spend their free time. This is truly an added bonus for pups. Fresh air and exercise alleviate travel stress and anxiety, and finding a destination that has hiking and outdoor opportunities is key right now. Skip the activities that Fido can’t participate in, like movies and shows, instead plan for a pup-focused getaway.

Discover the Blue Ridge Mountains and other Outdoor areas while traveling with your pet

Dog parks can be busy and hard to maintain social distancing because many of them are not staffed adequately. However, quiet trails can give you an excellent opportunity to get outside for long walks with your dog.  Tons of trails are just a short drive from The Horton Hotel. The front desk staff at the hotel are happy to pick just the right level of hiking trail for your dog’s capabilities. Need a slower pace with fewer obstacles? Head to Linville and take the Erwin’s View Hike, starting right beside the visitor center.  The first half mile of the trial, just to the Upper Falls, is an easy path that most older dogs can manage with a breeze. Got one of those high-energy puppers that wants to climb and run in order to work off all the pup treats they’ve devoured? For those lean energetic hikes, the Boone Fork Trail is a more strenuous loop that goes along a cascading river. By making the outdoors an emphasis and theme for upcoming vacays travelers are given the opportunity to find new pockets of nature they would of missed otherwise.

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Know that the newly opened hotel offers five dog-friendly hotel rooms. Upon check-in doggy guests can expect special treatment at The Horton. Each room comes with washable cozy microfiber puppy rugs, perfect for snuggling. Complimentary clean water bowls are also always available so Fido can hydrate all stay long. View pup-friendly Rooms #1 through #5 by clicking here. Call us directly at the hotel (828) 832 8060 or email us at to plan your hound’s next boutique hotel stay! Pet travel is easy, safe, and fun in Boone, NC. #meetmeatthehorton

Written by Andrea Morton, Director of Operations for The Horton Hotel 

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