North Carolina liquors

North Carolina liquors & why we love them.

Local first! It’s all you seem to hear these days and for good reason, too. The local first movement has grown and grown over the past decade, and in addition to eating local foods, the movement now encompasses supporting local retailers, artists, and more. Even local distilleries. Believe it or not, North Carolina is home to many distilleries. Read this post to learn about the history of distilling in North Carolina and to learn about the local liquors that we feature in our lobby lounge and rooftop bar.

A brief history of moonshine in NC.

Distilling goes far beyond the traditional moonshiner setup that many people imagine when they think of making liquor in North Carolina. However, you can’t be from Appalachia and not talk about the moonshiners from days of old. So here’s to my grandfather’s grandfathers! We sure do appreciate all that you’ve taught us about the art of making good liquor. (Yes, my family is from Appalachia! And yes, I know for a fact I’m related to a few ‘shiners.)

Moonshining was at its peak during Prohibition, from 1920-1930. Moonshining got its name because it was often distilled by the light of the moon, in total secrecy. The hills, hollers, coves, and caves of the NC mountains and foothills provided the perfect environment for distilling in secrecy. Wilkes County, NC was actually known as the Moonshine Capital of the World! Bootleggers would smuggle moonshine across the state and even across state lines, too. It was risky business, but the money was good and the demand was high. These days a whole lot more than moonshine is made in NC, and it’s made legally – a big thank you to the 21st amendment, am I right?!

Distilleries in NC

You’ve got a lot to choose from when it comes to distilleries in NC. North Carolina has roughly 24 distilleries. Click here to check out this super helpful map to learn more about NC distilleries. We’re always looking for a reason to visit the triangle area, and it turns out they’ve got a lot of great distilleries. Asheville is also a popular place for distilleries. You can even find a few right down the mountain in the Moonshine Capital of the World, Wilkesboro, of course. Call Family Distillers is located in Wilkesboro, and so is Copper Barrel Distillery. If you were wanting to do a distillery tour during your stay at The Horton Hotel & Rooftop Lounge, those would be the closest.

Some North Carolina liquors on our menu…

Drop in and enjoy a few of NC’s finest with us. Our menu features Sutler’s Gin, Cardinal Gin, Flying Pepper Vodka, Edna Rye, Fair Game Apple Brandy, Social House Vodka, and more. We’ve even got North Carolina bitters! On Thursdays we do ½ off of mystery cocktails. We’ve been known to pick a random favorite off of our house cocktail list, or mix up something super special. Come and see for yourself.

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Author: Megan Biddix


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