How to arrange and care for flowers: liven up the inside of your home with fresh cut flowers

Spring flowers are popping up everywhere in the high country. Beautiful wildflowers color the mountainsides rich purple and bright yellow this time of year. When I’m out on the trail, I love looking for wild irises and red and white trillium, some of my favorite spring wildflowers. Not only are wildflowers popping up, but many of our local flower farmers are starting to see flowers come up in their garden beds, too. Flower farmers in the high country grow all kinds of things, and although I’m partial to the dahlias of late summer, there’s something to be said for the cheerful, colorful tulips of early spring.

At the Horton, we love keeping fresh flowers and greenery in our space. We often seek help from our trusted, go-to florist: Fuschia Moss. Our Director of Hotel Operations, Andrea, also knows a thing or two about creating beautiful arrangements. Together, they keep our space looking radiant throughout the seasons. Interested in livening up the inside of your home with fresh cut flowers but have no clue where to start? Read on to learn how to arrange and care for flowers in your home!

What to buy?

Buy what inspires you. Keep it fresh, and make sure the flowers that you choose have at least some closed buds. Consider the room, and think about where you’ll be placing the flowers. Also consider the occasion, and remember to think about color psychology as you choose your flowers. Some flowers certainly have a more energizing effect then others.

Don’t be afraid to experiment.

We can’t say it enough! Don’t let fear hold you back. Experiment with all sorts of shapes and sizes, colors and textures. After all, this is what makes an arrangement interesting. Try starting with larger flowers first, and finish by filling in the arrangement with smaller pieces.

Make it last!

Make sure to keep your water fresh. Clean, fresh water will drastically improve the life of your bouquet. Trim the stems off of your flowers and greenery at an angle. Cut them under water, and make sure to trim off at least an inch. As you begin arranging, strip off any leaves that fall below the water line. Check the water temperature, too. Don’t shock your flowers with overly hot or cold water. Keep it right in between. Pro-tip: we love working with fresh lilies, and we always trim off the stamen, removing the pollen. That helps the lilies last longer! 

A tip from Andrea…

“If you need a quick table-scape, don’t be afraid to look around your own backyard. Clip what you find interesting, and lay it out on the table just like you would a runner.” Andrea loves keeping fresh greenery and flowers in her home.

Meet our in-house florist! 

Our go-to local florist is Fuschia Moss (yes that is her real name)! We absolutely love her style. It’s whimsical, it’s beautiful, and it’s colorful. Check out her website for more information about what she has to offer. If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out the photos in her floral gallery. They are stunning.

Happy arranging!

We hope you enjoyed reading this post on how to arrange and care for fresh cut flowers. Not only do we love keeping fresh flowers in the hotel, but we’re also planning on adding some living greenery to our rooftop lounge! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram because I’m sure we will be posting pictures soon. And in the meantime, we advise heading to the Watauga County Farmers Market one Saturday morning because you’re sure to find some interesting flowers and greenery to add to your arrangements.

Arrange something based off these tips? Share it with us! Post it to our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram. We’re excited to see your creations!

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Author: Megan Biddix

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