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Boone Wedding Guide: hotels, reception venues, and everything you need for planning a high country wedding!

Yes, I do! …want to read these insider’s tips for a high country wedding!

Are you planning a high country wedding? Make sure you don’t miss out on these high country wedding tips, in which wedding planner Elizabeth Hempfling shares her exclusive tips for brides and grooms to be! So stay calm, and read on.

Your base camp: High South Events Professionals 

For any event you are planning in the High Country, weddings specifically, start at High South Events Professionals. This platform boasts an impressive collection of handpicked wedding vendors in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The owner of our hotel, Denise Lovin, is a proud board member! Elizabeth Hempfling, HSEP President and wedding planner herself, explains why weddings in the High Country are so popular: “People come to the High Country to get married because of the beauty and the atmosphere. It has a relaxed vibe; they can breathe. Plus, weddings here are multi-day events full of festivities, from cocktail parties and luncheons to skydiving.”

Elizabeth suggests 6 tips for future brides and grooms

1. Reach out to people with knowledge

There are some great wedding consultants in our area that can help you with creating the wedding that you have in mind. So make sure you reach out to the people that have the knowledge and the connections to plan your wedding. They will make sure you do your homework – as in visiting the sights and scheduling on time – so you can stay calm. Or somewhat calm, at least.

2. Start on time 

Wedding season runs from May to November and venues book up quickly. Make sure you start a year in advance with planning your wedding. If you want a fall wedding, keep in mind that this time of the year also attracts a lot of tourism, so hotels and restaurants can be even busier.

3. Mountain climate: be safe and be smart

The  climate here in the High Country is unique, and it can be cooler than you are used to. The weather is obviously the one thing you can’t control when it comes to your wedding, but the recommendation is to be safe and smart. Make sure you have a plan B, and maybe even a plan C. Luckily, all our vendors have extensive experience when it comes to our climate, and the communication with them is great. There is always a solution!

4. Pick your style and make a mood board

Whether you want a simple, picnic style wedding or a luxurious, all-out wedding: it’s all available in the High Country. When you start planning your wedding, think about what style you want and start putting together an (online) mood board. This will help your wedding planner finding the perfect vendors to create your dream wedding.

5. Stick with your budget

Unfortunately, a lot of couples go over budget and might end up feeling uncomfortable about that. To stick with your budget, the first thing you have to do is create a realistic budget. After that, make sure you ask the vendors the right questions when it comes to pricing and stay in line.

high country wedding guide

6. Have FUN!

Planning a wedding can be stressful!  The best advice is to simply enjoy yourself on your wedding day. After all, it is your unique celebration, so have fun!

Have your guests stay with us!

Once we are open, we would love to help you celebrate your wedding at The Horton Hotel. With fifteen cozy, well appointed rooms in the heart of downtown Boone, North Carolina, we’re an ideal option for lodging for your friends and family. Our other venue, White Fence Farm, is the perfect place for a rustic wedding. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about the possibilities. We are happy to help!


Author: Sanny Visser

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