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Happy howlidays: here’s why you should book a dog friendly hotel room!

Naughty or nice? Even if Fido made the naughty list, don’t leave him behind. Let’s face it, our pups really are part of the family, and the holidays just aren’t the same without man’s best friend. Whether you’re planning on traveling to be with family, or planning a little getaway for yourself this holiday season, the Horton Hotel is the perfect place to bring your pup. Boone is such a dog friendly town. You’re guaranteed to have a blast getting festive with Fido. Here’s why you should book a dog friendly hotel room at the Horton this holiday season.

Your pooch deserves some quality rest and relaxation…and so do you.

Nonstop interactions with unfamiliar people can be exhausting. If you opt to stay at a dog friendly hotel, you can give your pup a break from the excitement. Not only can nonstop interactions with fam be exhausting for your pup, but they can also be hard on you. Plus, we’ve all got that one relative that’s not exactly a “dog person.” So, let your pup be the perfect excuse to slip away and take a little time for yourself. Snuggle up in bed under our cozy blankets at the Horton and squeeze in some extra cuddles with Fido. It’ll leave you feeling refreshed and ready to spread more holiday cheer.

And not only that… your pup also deserves a bit of adventure!

The best part about traveling with your pup is exploring. There are so many great outdoor adventures that you can take with your pup while you’re in Boone, North Carolina. Consider heading to the parkway and taking a winter hike. Bundle up, round up the fam, and get ready for some beautiful views. With all the foliage down, you can experience some of Boone’s most popular trails in a whole new way. The trails won’t be as crowded this time of year, too. If you’re looking for other family friendly activities, consider checking out a Tweetsie Christmas. Yes, Tweetsie is pet friendly. And yes, they do transform into a winter wonderland this time of year!

“Dachshund” through the snow…

Travel is great for your canine companion. It’s so stimulating because it breaks up your everyday routine. Being in a new place can help your dog become more confident and well rounded. New environments pose new challenges, too. Make sure you come prepared. After all, you know your furry friend best. Bring a travel crate if you’ve got an anxious pup so that he/she can feel safe. Make sure to bring a bed or blanket that smells like home, too. Don’t forget the toys! We’re big fans of toys that you can stuff with treats. They can provide hours of mental stimulation, and can be a great way to distract your pup from feeling anxious in a new environment. The Pet Place in Boone has a great selection of these toys. They make great doggie stocking stuffers.

Santa Paws is coming to town!

If you do choose to book one of our dog friendly hotel rooms at the Horton, Santa Paws will make sure to leave a special delivery for you and your furry friend upon check-in. Think special rugs for your pup, a treat bag stuffed with delectable goodies, and a special bowl so Fido can dine like royalty while he’s at the Horton. We hope to see you and your pup this holiday season!


Author: Megan Biddix 

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