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Fall in love with autumn: this is when you can expect fall colors in Boone NC

There’s no denying it anymore! After a beautiful, long summer it’s time to get ready for fall. We are thankful for such distinctive seasons up here in the mountains and can’t wait for the leaves to turn fiery red and warm orange. However, the big question is: when can you expect to start seeing vibrant fall colors in Boone, NC? We’ve gathered all the information to predict peak fall colors in 2018, and we’ve added some tips to help you plan your fall getaway!

As much as we love our summers in the Blue Ridge mountains and days filled with tubing down the rivers, canoeing, hiking, colorful wildflowers or long evenings on our porches, there is something special about fall in Boone, NC. Embracing Indian summer vibes, most of us love to grab a warm scarf and wander into the woods while trying to spot mushrooms or the most brightly colored leaves. If you don’t want to miss peak fall foliage of 2018, make sure you plan a romantic weekend in the high country…don’t forget to bring that scarf and your hiking boots! We’ll make sure we have a fresh pumpkin spice muffin for you in the morning, and we’ll make sure to serve you a warming cocktail by a crackling fire in the evening.

Fall Color Peak Map of North Carolina 2018

We’re probably not telling you anything new, but the high country offers some of the best experiences for leaf lookers. Whether you’re driving down the Blue Ridge Parkway or visiting a historic town along the way, you will definitely see fall colors at some point if not the entire time. Since we are lucky to have many scientists in our university town, the Department of Biology at Appalachian State University provides a very detailed fall color map each year. It shows that in 2018, the fall foliage peak in Boone, NC will be between October 1st and October 7th. This unique map differs from other maps because it combines the effects of both elevation and latitude on fall color, whereas most other maps simply use elevation alone. Smart, right? You can also see towns and scenic roads on the map, so it’s even easier to start planning your fall getaway.

fall colors boone nc

Map by: Howard Neufeld and Michael Denslow

Where to go for the best fall foliage experience?

You’ve got your camera or smartphone ready, your warm sweater on, and you can’t wait to see some fall colors. But, where do you go? To answer this question, our staff listed a view tips when it comes to finding the best spot for fall colors.

  1. High elevations – The high elevations of the Blue Ridge mountains are a great viewing point to see a blanket of orange, yellow, and red over surrounding mountains. Read our blog about Grandfather Mountain or check out our favorite scenic hikes for more details.
  2. Take the back road – If you are driving in a beautiful area and you see a back road, turn around and take it! On back roads you can drive a bit slower to soak up the fall scenery.
  3. Grab your bike – On a bike not only can you see the fall colors, but also smell the crisp fall air and feel the fresh breeze. There are plenty of biking routes in our area, and our staff is happy to help with your itinerary.
  4. Take good photos – For the best photo memories of your fall trip, make sure to venture out during golden hours to take this best shots. Golden hours typically occur in the morning between 7:30 and 10:30 AM or in the evening between 4 and 7 PM. Take some panoramic shots, but don’t forget to get some nice detailed shots of fall leaves and mushrooms. To get closer to your subject, you can flip your smartphone 180 degrees so the camera gets even closer to the detail you want to photograph.

Ready to plan your fall trip?

If you’re slowly falling in love with the idea of a mountain getaway this autumn, start planning your fall trip. We can’t wait to have you stay with us next fall! (If we’re lucky, we might even be open by the end of this fall… sign up for our email list below to stay in the loop!) Don’t forget to read some more of our blogs about all the things you can do in our area while visiting too. We hope to see you in October!

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Author: Sanny Visser

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