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COVID-19 Statement

Dear Patrons,

I wanted this message to be all about exploring the high country, the area I have grown to love and the places I believe are special, but it turns out I need to be patient and save those tidbits for another time. We are all experiencing the Coronavirus situation, and I wanted to first and foremost send you all our well wishes as you go through this. We are following the state guidelines and recommendations as we proceed. Our lounge and rooftop bar is currently not operating, and our hotel will continue to stay open at this time.

I am here with Denise, Fulton and Ellen and just a few other staff, and we plan to be here for you each day moving forward. We will be answering phone calls each day between 9am and 5pm. Reservations and gift certificates are available on our website always. Requests and inquiries can also be made by emailing us at Hotel guests staying during this time will be provided with all the amenities listed on our website, and we look forward to welcoming you.

As always we are keeping our beautiful space clean and organized with natural products, as well as, disinfectants and antibacterial cleaning procedures. Maintaining a germ-free comfortable environment is always a top priority. We are stocked with all the essentials, TP included 🙂 We are placing great importance on taking care of our space, as well as, each other.

In light of the current mandates and situation, our cancellation policy for immediate reservations now allows for more flexibility. In order to make cancellations, guests must call the hotel directly at (828) 832-8060.

We are all talking about the brighter days ahead and we are encouraging one another with positivity during this time. I encourage you to message your friends and loved ones with thoughts of positivity right now too. Sign up to stay informed, let’s stay in touch!

Andrea Morton
Director of Operations for The Horton Hotel

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