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But first, coffee | cozy up in one of many great coffee shops in Boone NC

Yesterday’s wind chill was brutal. I found myself walking down King Street towards the Horton Hotel with tears rolling down my cheeks, as gust after icy gust of wind whipped loose strands of hair around my face. Naturally my gloves went missing earlier that morning, so I felt more gratitude than usual for the cup of hot, steaming coffee in my hands. Coffee is an integral part of my morning ritual, as I’m sure it is for many of you readers. We’re lucky to have an array of wonderful, locally owned coffee shops in Boone, NC. And trust me, it’s always worth braving the cold to grab a cup of joe. Read on to learn about some of the unique coffee shops and experiences you can encounter in Boone, NC.


Bald Guy Brew

It’s only fitting that we write about Bald Guy Brew first. After all, we will be featuring this coffee at The Horton Hotel and Rooftop Lounge. Don Cox, owner, is one of the original pioneers of coffee roasting in Boone, NC. In addition to roasting some of the best beans in town, he teaches fascinating Crop to Cup classes in which students get to hone their palates and enjoy a flight of coffee from around the world.

Meg’s tip: Be a roaster for a day! Last year some of our team members were able to tour his roasting facility and get a taste of what the “roaster for a day” experience entails. We had so much fun!

We’re so excited to feature Bald Guy Brew coffee, that we couldn’t resist giving you something special: so enjoy coffee on us, and take home a complimentary bag of Bald Guy Brew coffee! Interested?

Click here to find out more about coffee on us. 


Espresso News

Step out the back door at The Horton Hotel and Rooftop Lounge and you’ve practically arrived at Espresso News. You guessed it…we love our neighbors! We don’t offer speciality coffee drinks at the Horton, but rest assured Espresso News has exactly what you need. Get there early and enjoy a homemade egg and cheese biscuit – they go fast. They also have plenty of delicious sweet treats on hand and great daily soup specials. Enjoy a laid back local vibe in this artsy small-town coffee shop.

Meg’s tip: When I don’t get my usual large drip coffee (with a dash of cinnamon of course), I’ll grab a smoothie. I especially love the Chunky Monkey with almond milk. Oh, and make sure to add peanut butter!


Local Lion

Nothing pairs better with coffee than doughnuts. If you have a sweet tooth, you certainly want to check this place out. Doughnuts are made fresh each and every day, and they’re always cooking up some sort of seasonal special at Local Lion. Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere, hot coffee, and a variety of different tea options too.

Meg’s tip: The bavarian cream doughnut is to die for. They even have gluten free doughnuts on certain days of the week. I’m not gluten free, but I tried a raspberry glazed GF doughnut this morning and it was divine. If you would’ve told me it was a regular, gluten filled doughnut I would have believed you.


Hatchet Coffee

It’s been said that the creators of Hatchet Coffee built this business with the intent to combine their love of fine coffee with the great outdoors. There’s no doubt about it: they’ve done just that. Take one look at their beautifully curated Instagram feed, and you’ll be booking a trip to Boone in no time. With signature beverages like the Fireside Latte (featuring molasses, locally grown guajillo pepper, and homemade roasted-to-order marshmallow), Hatchet is a must if you’re planning on traveling to the high country.

Meg’s tip: Nitro. That’s all I need to say, really. You just can’t go to Hatchet without trying their nitro cold brew. One cup of this, and you’ll be adventuring for hours on end.


Death before decaf

At The Horton Hotel and Rooftop Lounge, we take our coffee very seriously…can you tell? I hope you enjoyed reading about these great coffee shops in Boone, NC. Have a favorite that we didn’t write about? Please feel free to reach out to us and share your thoughts! We’re always looking for fantastic local businesses to feature in our blog posts.

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