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Best bubbles for New Year’s Eve & where to find the perfect party in Boone NC!

It’s New Year’s Eve, and I can’t believe it’s time to say goodbye to 2019. I can’t help but reflect on how far we’ve come. I remember the day when we first opened our doors in mid February. The sweet anticipation, excitement, and nervousness. I felt it all, and I know that everyone on our team did, too. It sure was a special time. In many ways, the journey has unfolded just as we expected, yet simultaneously it seems the journey has unfolded in just as many unexpected ways.

One thing I know for certain is that being a part of bringing this business to downtown Boone has brought me immeasurable joy. So without further ado, let’s celebrate all the good stuff from 2019 and ring in 2020 in style! With a glass of bubbles in hand, of course. Read on to learn about the best bubbles for NYE and to find the perfect party for you and yours right here in Boone, NC.

best bubbles

Types of Bubbles

Let’s break it down, shall we? Sparkling wine consists of so much more than champagne- although I love a nice champagne. There’s also prosecco, cava, crémant, rosé, and sekt. Bubbles are also generally characterized based on their levels of dryness or sweetness.


The best champagne comes from the Champagne region of France. In fact, it’s only real champagne if it comes from this area. Champagne is arguably the most versatile of all sparkling wines and can pair well with everything from breakfast food to spicy or fried food. It’s true what they say, champagne and french fries make the best combo.


Prosecco comes from Italy. There are actually varieties of prosecco that aren’t bubbly, but the best known prosecco has bubbles. I am a huge fan of prosecco, and if there isn’t champagne on the menu this is my sparkling wine of choice. Either prosecco or cava, depending on my mood. Prosecco tends to be a bit fruitier and sweeter.


Cava is a type of sparkling wine that comes from Catalonia, Spain. It’s made in a way that lends it a hint of citrus or lemon-y flavor. There are floral notes and there can also be pear undertones, but generally speaking cava isn’t as sweet as prosecco. Cava is most commonly made from the white macabeo grape, but can also be made from several other types of grapes.


Crémant is from France and is made the same way as champagne. But, it doesn’t come from the famous Champagne region of France, which helps make the price go down significantly. If you’re sipping on crémant, you can expect a more creamy and nutty taste rather than sweet. Crémant typically comes from Bordeaux, Jura, Savoie, and the Rhone Valley. Each of these regions produce slightly different variations, so research your region to pick the perfect crémant for you.


Rosé is best known in its sparkly, bubbly form. It’s known for its soft, pink hue and fruity aromas and flavors. You’ll likely taste hints of berry, citrus, rhubarb, melon, and rose petal. Rosé can come from all over, from France to California, but the best known varieties come from Provence, France.


Sekt comes from Germany and is known for its low alcohol levels and low sweetness. It can be fruity and floral. Think pears and apples. I recommend varieties made with riesling grapes, as these varieties of grapes can lead to a more complex flavor profile. Sekt can be made in a tank, or by traditional bottle fermentation methods.

Sweet or Dry

Settling on a style can be hard enough, but next comes deciphering the lingo on the bottom of the bottle. From sweet to dry, here’s how to understand what you’re purchasing. Demi sec is the sweetest, then there’s extra dry, brut, and extra brut. If you’re a fan of pairing your champagne with french fries (like me) make sure you pick an extra brut champagne. If you’re looking for something to pair with dessert, opt for a demi sec.

NYE 2019 events in Boone, NC

Naturally we’re going to tell you we’d love to see you at our NYE party tonight. We’re hosting Boone’s first ever ball drop! We’re opening a little later tonight, at 6pm, but we’re also extending our hours. For more details on our NYE event, go here. What else is happening downtown? Lost Province has live music tonight. The Local is throwing a roaring ‘20s themed party, and it’s the one night of the year that Cobo takes reservations. Whatever your plans are, we hope you have the perfect glass of bubbles in hand, and we wish you the happiest new year. Cheers!

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