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A quick guide to holiday shopping in Boone & Blowing Rock 

Looking for the perfect gift? Well, look no further. Downtown Boone and the neighboring village of Blowing Rock, NC have you covered. Both towns are full of unique boutiques offering special handpicked and even handmade items. You’re sure to find something for everyone if you head to the mountains to do some holiday shopping. In this post you’ll learn about the benefits of shopping locally, and we’ll share a specialized list we’ve created of a few of our favorite stores in the area that are just perfect for gift-getting. So read on for our quick guide to holiday shopping in Boone and Blowing Rock. 

Shop smarter over the holidays: the Horton way.

A quick google search for shopping smarter over the holidays yields an interesting array of results and tips, mostly about “online shopping to beat the crowds.” Well, that may be one way to do it, but we’re big fans of supporting local small businesses for many reasons. Online shopping may be quick and easy, but if you opt to shop local, your carbon footprint is much smaller. Not all online shopping has a horrible carbon footprint, though. If you choose to shop online, consider choosing a small business in your state with values that you can get behind. Shopping smarter over the holidays (the Horton way) means keeping more dollars in the local economy. In turn, this enriches our entire community. Contributing to a thriving local economy opens doors and helps pave the way for even more local entrepreneurs. Local flavor is what makes Boone and Blowing Rock so great! 

Make a list… and check it twice! 

Yes, we do advise following jolly old Saint Nick’s method. After all, it’s tried and true. Make a list of family and friends that you need to purchase gifts for and brainstorm. What are they interested in? Hobbies? Anything they collect? We’ve created a list below based on a few different personality types… you’re bound to have one or two of these in your family or friend group. So here are a few of our favorite stores in the area that are just perfect for gift-getting!


Outdoorsy One

Both Boone and Blowing Rock, NC are quintessential, outdoorsy mountain towns. 

Mast General Store, Downtown Boone NC.

Footsloggers, Downtown Boone NC & Blowing Rock NC.

Boone’s Fly Shop, Downtown Boone NC. 

Rhoddie Bicycle Outfitters, Blowing Rock NC. 


Jewelry Lover 

If you’re looking for fine jewelry, a truly unique antique estate piece or something in between, we’ve got you covered. 

Village Jewelers, Downtown Boone NC.

Blowing Rock Estate Jewelry and Antiques, Blowing Rock NC. 

Gaines Kiker Silversmith, Blowing Rock NC.


The Entertainer

There are so many amazing home decor shops in both Boone and Blowing Rock. Some even walk the line of being fine art shops, too. 

Common Good Co, Downtown Boone NC. Also perfect for the fine art connoisseur.

Neaco, Blowing Rock NC. 

The Last Straw, Blowing Rock NC. 


Pet Person

Who doesn’t have a pet lover in their family?!? 

Stella Blue’s Pawtique, Blowing Rock NC. 

The Pet Place, Boone NC.

The Yogi

Consider giving the gift of yoga. Perfect for the experienced yogi in your life, or for the person who’s curious but maybe hasn’t taken their first class yet. 

Neighborhood Yoga, Downtown Boone NC. They even have a retail shop! 

High Country Yoga, Boone NC. 


Want more gift-getting inspiration? Check out this comprehensive list of retailers in Blowing Rock by clicking here. Click here for a list of places to shop in Boone. And don’t forget to check out our Horton Shoppe, featuring an array of unique products. My favorite product right now? Hand knit locally made hats! Find them in an array of colors, made from the softest yarn, with a perfect fit in our shop right now. Book your stay today, head to the mountains, and wrap up some holiday shopping. 


Author: Megan Biddix

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